Monday, November 21, 2005


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During the Class of 54’s 50th Reunion dinner, Jimmy Dean Greer gave a moving eulogy, remembering those of our class who have passed on. They are: Fayrene Thompson Arellano, James Neldon, Billy Bohannan, Bobby Duncan, Marilyn Pate Stevens, Billy Davis, Sidney Quattlebaum, and William Patterson.

Jimmy Dean particularly remembered James Neldon as a hard working football player with bad legs, who gave it his all in practice and during games. He was an inspiration to other players. James was not eligible to play in the last games because he was over the age limit. How sad.

Sidney Quattlebaum was another good football player who made his mark.

I remember Bobby Duncan as a fragile young man who worked the farm and struggled to keep well.

Marilyn Pate Stevens has been somewhat mysterious, in that we don't know much about her death in Hoboken, New Jersey. She married Shane Stevens, the crime story writer, who Steven King admired for his dark, dark stories.

Fayrene was always eager to work on school projects and to help others with their tasks.

Billy Bohannan was a quiet person who had a flair for dramatics and farming.

My biggest memory of Billy Davis was he could always get Dubble Bubble gum when it was scarce during the war, and would sell it for a quarter, thereby making a 20 cent profit. Billy would always reek of cigarette smoke in study hall.

William Patterson got married and did not graduate with us. I think he was J. D. Patterson's nephew.

Thanks, Jimmy Dean, for remembering. I hope you all have some memories of these classmates to share to keep memories of them alive.

Excerpts from
The Searcy Daily Citizen
Saturday, May 29, 2004


Leah Coleman, a recent graduate of Searcy High School, has been selected to receive a $500 scholarship from the Irvin B. and Kathryn Van Patten Scholarship Fund, a fund of the White County Community Foundation.

Mr. Van Patten, in memory of his late wife, Kathryn, established (the) fund. Kathryn Van Patten had a love for music and education, so Mr. Van Patten decided to use the fund to give annual scholarships to students at Searcy High School who go on to pursue higher education.

Coleman (is) the first winner of this award.


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