Thursday, December 01, 2005


Gene Barnett

Hi Ern! We moved to Jonesboro right after the 10th grade and I finished high school at Jonesboro. I was in the band with you guys at Searcy, only a bit younger and, after I got out of high school, I started at ASU as a music major and was in the band with you again. You were a senior about to finish up your college tour.

I was fortunate enough to have some great band directors, Al English at Searcy, Nick Roholich at Jonesboro (he was also my tuba coach) and, of course, the one and only Don Minx at ASU. That guy was not only a great music teacher but could cuss with the best of them. I can tell you lots of stories about him and things we did, but I know you can, also. I also had to work with him some. as he was a city council member for a while.

Hope this clears up your memory a bit. I still get folks confused from Searcy and Jonesboro. I have the best of two worlds with my high school buddies in both cities. Stay in touch and let me know what is going on with you.

Dan E. Randle

About that picture in the Rialto, with K. K. King … I believe Bobby Dale Latimer is sitting to the right of Roger Duncan and the left of Marvin Allen. See what you think. (Pull down two columns for the picture).

THIS IS A PERSONAL COMMERCIAL, which I’ll be running about once a week until Google – or you – tells me to knock it off.


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HELP! Social Security just doesn’t go as far as it used to .. and those old tapes and records don’t last forever, either.
-Tom Pry


Anonymous Jim Bohannon said...

Hello Tom,
I just happened to find your Searcy Yesterday website. My congratulations to whomever, decided to put it together. Great site! I presume it was you. And, very glad that I did find the site. Now, it gives me another computer/activity to do in my retirement spare time. I enjoyed reading about the many old (and good I might add), "Searcy High School" memories of and about the 1950's. It was a pleasure to read about my former class member, Dan Randle. Great to know he is well and living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. "Hello,Dan." Good too, to re-hear from Ernie Simpson, Elois Pelton, Clifton Wiggs, Coy Benton and others whom I recall visiting with during our 40th high school renuion in 1997. "Hello to all my 1957 class mates" and others who were a few years before and after 1957. Again, great to read about you. God bless your all. Happy Holidays (and yes, Merry Christmas!) No political corectness here and I sure you too, feel the same way! And, a happy 2006 to all.

Best Regards,
Jim Bohannon, Searcy High School Class of 1957

Retired from State and Federal service. Living in Searcy during the winter and Northern Virginia in the Summer. I guess you could call me--"what's the term? Snowbird." "We'll stop at that, ok."

9:53 AM  

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