Friday, November 25, 2005


(From 6/19/04 and 6/20/04, plus today)

Dan E. Randle

Just received this from Al (English). I had written him an email letting him know that the discipline he meted out as a young teacher helped form and make a better person out of the recipient. He had mentioned how he regretted those things. It would be interesting to hear what Robin M. thinks. Either of you have contact with him? If you do, you might ask him.

Hi Dan..

Happy to hear from you....regret I have not been doing well, but improving slowly...not able to be at computer. Flora keeps me informed about email. I am able to be at comp. today for a few minutes.My mailing address: 77 April Wind South, Montgomery, TX, 78356.

I appreciate your letter. I just hope that anyone I ever offended or mistreated has forgiven me.

I'll try to find a photo of me as you requested, and perhaps a dumb little story I wrote entitled"Movie Star" _ true story, but the names of the 3 characters have been changed, but you will figure out who the 3 really are.

Best wishes, Al

Last I heard, Robin was Principal of a Christian school up in Harrison, but living so far out in the sticks that they have to mail phone calls to him and Ruth. Would be glad to have his e-mail address, if anyone has it. –tlp-

Ann Shannon Snodgrass

Hi, Tom:

I’ve been making a flower girl dress for my youngest granddaughter to wear in a family wedding. The young folks think this is just a marvelous accomplishment. I admit to feeling flattered. But the best feeling has been sitting in my mother’s rocking chair to do the hand sewing and remembering her doing the same with my clothing. Does anyone else still sew?

(Yep, my wife, Karen, which is how she gets nailed doing the bulk of the alterations on 8-year-old granddaughter’s dance costumes. UPDATE: Granddaughter Kayla is 10-1/2 now, and in Ohio, just south of Columbus. We wish she were here needing some sewing done. -tlp-).

Here are some questions I have that might generate discussion, but please don’t count on me for the answers.

1. What was the name of the drive-in at the “Y” where we liked to gather at lunchtime?
2. What card game did we play while eating there?
3. When we drove around the courthouse, what was the usual direction we traveled? (I seem to remember counterclockwise, but I can be just as right on this as wrong).
4. Who owned the variety store on the south side of the court square?
5. How much did hot rolls (with butter) cost at the drugstore (Headlee’s, the “green” one – Walgreen’s, as I recall) on the west side of the square?
6. Who played the female and male leading characters in “The Glass Menagerie?”
7. Who was the male lead and what did he do on-stage that was so shocking?
8. What fascinated us about the decorative column in front of the Rialto?

Hope all is well with you and yours. Ann

And with you and yours, Ann. Age is a screwy item. Ann and I dated for a brief period of time, back when she was 14 ... but I was 16, an almost unspannable gulf.

I’ve seen her once, briefly, since HS graduation in 1956.

I have, consequently, some difficulty picturing her as a gramma sewing in a rocking chair – although I’m sure she does it with the same grace as she applies to everything else.

Anita Hart Fuller

Great job, Ann, on jump-starting our (Tom's) discussions again.

If you are referring to the Class of '54's Glass Menagerie: the leads were Calvin Skaggs and Marilyn Pate, and Larry Lacy and Carolyn Dunn in the second leads. But bet you're not referring to this one!

I'll answer more later, if I can. Must run to yoga class in a minute.


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