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There are some good history accounts of the Rialto at

I can't remember a certain show I liked, but I do remember one of the first serials I saw and it was "Don Winslow in the Navy." There was lots of wartime submarine action. The serials at the Rialto weren't as memorable as those at the Plaza.

I wrote about that in an earlier journal. I do remember Miss Thornton taking our senior English class to see a matinee showing of "Hamlet" with Laurence Olivier. It was one of those rare opportunities to sleep in Miss Thornton's class.

Paula remembers "Gone with the Wind" and "On the Beach." They weren't favorites, just memorable. One time I took Paula to see a show (don't remember what) and some smart-alec ticket taker from Harding said to Paula "You here again?" meaning she was seeing the movie a second time. Anita relished putting her knees up on the seat back, but I remember what a nuisance it was to have someone pushing on my seat back. Now I like putting my legs over the seat back into the empty seat in front. There are no Don Boggs to spoil my fun.

Draxie Jean Horn Rogers

I've written this total dissertation brought on by memories of the Rialto -- talk about taking me back! However, I tried to submit and it showed "login error" I logged in as Draxie Horn Rogers and picked a password. What else do I need to do? I certainly don't want to have to rewrite my thoughts -- At my age, I can't think of them again!!! Would appreciate your help. Thanks!

Tom Pry

Oh, my … I got a few memories out of this, too. Notable films at the Rialto:

“Rebel Without A Cause.” I fell in love with Natalie Wood. James Dean and Sal Mineo were interesting.

Lois Thornton arranged a daytime showing of .. “Ulysses” I believe. Not one of Kirk Douglas’ best offerings, but it had gobs of gorgeous girls in gauzy gowns, which prompted one clown to destroy the atmosphere of the of the whole thing by loudly voicing the thought emanating from all the guys’ raging hormones; his was the anguished cry, “ALL THAT MEAT AND NO POTATOES!”

“Red Garters” I fell in love with Rosemary Clooney, all over again. I thought Guy Mitchell was a dork, but it was a fun film.

The most notable of the lot, in terms of social/emotional impact, had to have been “The Blackboard Jungle.” What a cast list! Sidney Poitier, Vic Morrow, Glen Ford. The biggest jolt, though, was at the very beginning of the film. It started in black – and then tore loose with Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock.” The hair stood up on the back of my neck: this was a whole new thing in our young lives.

My favorite serial was “Rocket Man.” I absolutely CRAVED that leather jacket with the rockets on the back. As many times as I had to walk into town and back from way the hell out in the country, I could’ve really used that.

DRAXIE: Honey, there’s no “signing up” to submit. Just send it to me, and I take care of the mechanics of getting it on the site. You can either e-mail me, or put your notes in the Send Me a Message portion of the site (I’d prefer the e-mail). Send it as a word (.DOC) or .RTF file to me, or just an e-mail, and I’ll do the rest. Ditto any photos.

I can’t imagine anyone would ever use me as a memory saver. Thanx, Drax.


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