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(Run originally 7/22/04 on our old site)

Anita Hart Fuller

Do any of you remember your all-time very favorite show (movie in today's language, or flick) you saw at The Rialto? Mine was what is known as a "sleeper". It is "The Man Who Never Was" and I remember going to the 'second' show with my mother, one Tues. night. Don't know why we went ... for neither of us knew anything about that movie. Anyway, it opens with a poem being read (voiced over) as the scene opens. I wanted to know what that poem was so wrote to the movie studio and guess what? Got an answer. I then went to the Harding library and was able to look it up in the book it was in. This movie is occasionally on satellite or cable: it stars Clifton Webb and is based on a true story that happened to change the course of the war. I own it, if anyone cares and wants it, I'll copy it for you.

(My favorite? "Red Garters," a little musical throwaway that showcased the talents of Rosemary Clooney and Guy Mitchell. Only seen it once in my life, and that at the Rialto on a Sunday afternoon. -tlp-)

Remember putting your knees up on the seat in front of you and either Mr. King or Don Boggs coming up and down the aisle and pointing at you to put your feet on the floor? Naturally, you put your knees BACK when they passed by.

Remember movies were l hr. 30 minutes - and you could know that if it started at 7:30 (after previews and The March of Time, or those awful Travelogues (The Voice of the Globe) it would be over at 9:00 on the dot. Would that movie directors of today would learn that if you can't tell it in 1-1/2 hrs. it "ain't" worth telling.

Much more later, but I'll stop for now. You can wake up now. In case you didn't know, movies are my passion

Ernest Simpson

Anita, I'm so envious of your staying at the Capitol Hotel... you could homestead the great giant, elegant elevator. That is such a great place, and as I recall, the only way I can afford dinner at Ashley's is to put one in lay-away a year ahead of time. A wonderful romantic old place. Glad to hear about Gipsy's, maybe that will break up our love affair with Olive Garden?!!

I can't wait for Anita's stories of the Rialto, now it was the 'Rah-alto', not 'Ree-alto', wasn't it? She's right, more than anything it was called 'the picture show', or just 'the show'. Correct terminology in discussion was always 'the show' in wonderful White County lingo.

I enjoyed Cliff Wiggs remembering, too. I bet Cliff has tons of stories he could share. I'm going to write and see if he will come up with more.

We may have found Morris Brookhart, if Dan Randle's sleuthing pans out. More later.

Dan E. Randle

I might be wrong but it seems to me that Morris Brookhart retired from the Air Force and is living in Durham, NC. I talked to him about 4 or 5 years ago. I think his phone number is 919-477-6656. You could check and see if he is still at 1615 Wensley Dr., Durham, NC.

Tom Pry

I Googled the phone number, and it’s still showing current for Morris at the above address. Add the Zip Code 27712, and your letters should get to him. Yahoo was showing no e-mail address for him.

Incidentally, if you’ve never put your phone number in Google (as xxx-xxx-xxxx), try it: unless your number is a cell phone or unlisted, not only will it give you your name and address, but your choice of two maps for people to find you.

Thought you’d like to know.


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