Monday, July 31, 2006

The question was - WHERE and WHAT were you doing WHEN

The remember when question asked earlier was -- what were you doing
and what was going on around you when you heard about Kennedy's
assassination,and September 11, 2001?

Anita Fuller's reply - with some early history - Followed With
The Rest Of The Story.

First let me say how glad Bob and I are that you guys, Irvin B. and
Bill, are taking over Searcyyesteryear. It's been too much fun for a
lot of people, to just fade away.

To answer the questions: I met my spouse, Bobby Scott Fuller, in the
first grade at Searcy Primary School. He was my "boyfriend" off and on
all thru our school years, and also college and obviously beyond. My
first memory of him in lst grade was that he would eat paste - I guess
to impress me! The paste in those days was white, in a jar with a
small paddle to smear it on with. It evidently was harmless if eaten,
and tasted like peppermint, or so he says. He was my first date: I
invited him to a Girl Scout Dance, which was held on the second floor
at the Fire Station. This would have been 5th or 6th grade. His
mother took us and picked us up. We've been married 46 years and hope
to celebrate our 50th at the newly renovated Smyrna Methodist Church.

When Kennedy was shot: We were married and living in New York City -
Bob in graduate school there and I was teaching in St. Luke's Hospital
School of Nursing. St. Lukes is an Episcopal Hospital, so had priests
all over the hospital. My memory is of many of the Catholic maids and
orderlies who worked in the hospital becoming so grief stricken the
hospital put them in a room (probably the chapel)and sent the Episcopal
priests to administer to them. My other memories are of the black
bordered newspapers, New York Times and New York Post. I have saved
them, so have them to this day. Also store windows with Kennedy's
picture and draped in black, etc. Bob was studying choral music
and in a chorus that was contacted for a Sunday evening concert
conducted by Leonard Bernstein, who was a personal friend of Pres.
Kennedy. Bob was called at 3:00 a.m. Sat. morning (Sunday morning,
actually), rehearsed all day and was in live performance that Sunday
evening on CBS. Lots of his relatives in Searcy and around were able
to see him.

9/ll: We were driving back home from a trip to Minnesota. We never
listen to the radio when we drive. Our daughter, Karen, was an anchor
at KATV, Little Rock - she called on the cell phone when she heard the
news. We then turned on the radio and listened the rest of the way
home. Then watched . My vivid memory is of seeing vapor trails of
airplanes literally making circles in the sky as they turned back and
headed to land.

I attribute my weight gain to 9/ll (which isn't true, of course) but
I've adopted the attitude: "live today for tomorrow you may die", OR,
better still, remember the wisdom of Erma Bombeck who said "Just think
of all those people on the Titanic who turned down dessert that night".

Anita Fuller

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