Saturday, October 07, 2006


Tom Pry

Editor Emeritus

Well, last night (10/6) was Homecoming. Here’s the Court.

The Class of ’56 was well-represented by JoAnn Swain, (who'd come all the way from Austin, TX for the occasion) (top left) and Mary Kathryn Van Patten James (top right), Jim and Carolyn Hill (bottom left and middle), and .. uh .. uh .. oh, your grizzled old Editor Emeritus (bottom right). Joining us later was Polly Hayes West, along with the Class of 55’s (or was it ’54??) Don Fulmer.

Coming by to visit with us briefly was the Class of 64’s Becca Van Patten Smith. The 64’s had their own little party going up in the cheap seats.

Mary Kathryn wanted everyone to be sure this year’s 50th Anniversary Class was identified, but the numbers kind of got away from her.

It was quite a night for some of the attendees. Jim and Carolyn Hill had one granddaughter in the Homecoming ceremony: Megan Hill was the Sweetheart of the Fine Arts Club. Cody Hill was in uniform as a member of the Marine Corps Color Guard .. and 16-year-old grandson Jason Felton was on the field making his initial appearance as the SHS Lions starting quarterback.

As for Mary Kay, dad Irvin Van Patten was an honorary co-captain at the coin toss. Irvin is 90, and a member of the Class of ’35. He has attended every Homecoming game since then, other than the five years of World War II, when he was in the military.

Here’s Irvin, plus grandson Chris and Chris’ two daughters. If we’d have gotten Mary Kay, Irvin, or Becca in here, too, it’d be a perfect shot of four generations.

Sorry you couldn’t be with us.


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