Saturday, August 26, 2006

Correction - Mady Armstrong

I made the unpardonable mistake of taking material from another genealogist without checking it out.

Since posting my message on Mady, I've gone more deeply into her parent's and sibling's history and found the following corrections to the few items I took from an internet posting rather than records. (I knew better). Their not of that much of interest, but for accuracy sake, I'll pass them along:

I believe Mady's brother, Forney, did not move back to Alabama, rather it appears he moved to Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas. He died 24 March, 1965, and is buried in Kyler Cemetery, Batesville. He could have moved to Alabama and back to Arkansas, but I doubt it. Arkansas divorce records indicate he and Eula were married in 1921 and divorced in 1924 in White County. I don't know if he ever remarried or not.

Mady's sister Emma's husband, Allison Marr's middle initial was "N" not "L". He was born in Lake County, Tennessee, not Alabama. They married between 1920 and 1930 and were living in the Marion District of White County in 1930. It appears that they also moved to Independence County after 1930. They are both buried at Kyler Cemetery so she probably died in that county rather than Searcy.

Mady's parents are also buried at Kyler Cemetery. Her sisters, Genoa/Genoma and Lillian Alta, who obviously never married, are buried there as well.

So it appears that Mady was the only one of the family to stay in Searcy. Most of the rest of the family ended up in Independence County. I don't know what happened to her brother Arthur Lee.

Donald Johnston

p.s. I also made a typo myself. In the fifth paragraph "In 1910 the family ..." should be "In 1920 the family . . . ". My high school typing teacher, Miss Brown, would never forgive me.


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