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Anita wrote:
"I realize we discussed Mady some years ago, but one more question for anyone who might know: Who were her relatives, and where were theywhen she was terrorizing all the girls who wore shorts on the streetsof Searcy? Elizabeth Vaughn Capps and I have recently been emailing about Mady and neither of us knows anything about her relatives, etc.The reason I was even remembering her: yesterday I was "browsing" thru the Searcy cemetaries via the White County Historical Society website and came across Mady's name. What struck me so was her age when she died, "just" 70 years old. I was 70 Friday, Aug. 4th. Didn't we all think Mady was close to l00 yrs.?"

Since there were several others who mentioned Mady in their blogs, I thought I'd pass along what I've been able to learn about her (probably more than you care about):

MADY CLEVELAND ARMSTRONG was born 18 October 1892 in Chepultepec, Blount Co., Alabama to ISAAC HARPER ARMSTRONG, born in 1856, and MARY LOU CYNTHIA WHITED, born in 1859. Isaac and Mary were married in 1882 and he went into farming. They had nine children with Mady being the fifth. There were several members of the Armstrong clan who lived in the same vicinity of Chepultepec.

Between 1910 and 1920, Isaac and family moved to White County, Arkansas where he continued farming. In 1920 the family was living in the Albion District on the Searcy to Letona road. By then, only four of their daughters (Mady's sisters) were living with them. Her older brother ISAAC BUFORD ARMSTRONG had married JOANNA (ANNA) IRENE DEARING (in 1919) and moved into their own residence on River Street. Mady, her older sister EMMA LOU ARMSTRONG, and her older brother FORNEY CLIFTON ARMSTRONG were also living in the Isaac Buford household.
Mady's brother, Isaac Buford and family moved back to Blount County in late 1920. He died in 1976 and is buried there. Mady's brother, Forney, also moved back to Alabama where he married EULA COBB in 1925. Isaac Harper, Mary Lou, and three of their daughters, GENOA RACHEL EVELINE, LILLIAN ALTA, and ELLIE GRACE were still living in White county in 1930. None of these daughters had married by then and were living at home. Living next door to them was Mady's brother, ARTHUR LEE ARMSTRONG, his wife ESTIE V. DUFFEL, and their children. Between 1930 and 1939, Mady's parents evidently moved to Independence County, Arkansas where he died in 1939 and she died in 1947. Ellie Grace later married married THURMON FOUST and died in 1963 in Arkansas. Lillian Alta died in 1973 in Arkansas, and Genoa Rachel died in 1971 in Independence County. Mady and her sister, Emma, remained in White county. Emma married ALLISON L. MARR who was also from Blount County. She died in Searcy on 22 January, 1979. By 1930, Mady was living alone in her own home at 504 E. Vine Street. She indicated she did, or worked in a, laundry for a living. She died 14 June 1962 (some records show 1969) and is buried at Oaklawn Memorial Gardens, Searcy. I remember her well but have no personal information on her from 1930 until she died.

Donald Johnston

p.s. Genealogy is one of my hobbies, so if I can help anyone in those endeavors, let me know.

And now you know the rest of the story. Thanks for your participation. I know when I was a kid, we use to be afraid of Mady.


Anonymous Donald Johnston said...

Correction to my post of Saturday, 19 August:
Fourth paragraph, second line, typo error, "In 1910 the family . . . " should be "In 1920 the family . . . ".

My old Searcy H. S. typing teacher, Miss Brown, would never forgive me for this.


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