Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Don Russell Wrote:

Hello Tom, I just got connected to the BLOG and really enjoy it, My name is Donald Russell and I am "ARTIE" Russells brother! and just read the letter that Clifton sent back in "97". Sure enjoyed it and I really miss my Brother to this day. We were going to travel together and one of our first stops was MONTANA! I have got a long list of stories that I have written about my childhood including the time we went to school at Honey Hill--1945 thru 1947-- and we rode to school with Mrs Annie Killough in her Modle A also! I graduated in 1955 but started to school with the class of 1954--I had a lapse of learning whil at Honey Hill! HA HA Mrs Moore was my teacher when we came back to Searcy, and she said that I REALLY needed more time in the 5th. but I really enjoyed my time with Her, she was a good and fair teacher, but then I liked Miss Thorton.
Till later. Don

Honey Hill Students:
Gearld Don Willams, Jessie Dee Beck and Sister, Reba Russell, Mary Ella Russell, Donald Max Russell, Lyndal West, Harold and Carol Hartsfield, Wayne Hartsfield, Lethanel Kitts, Arlie Kitts, Bobby Joe West, Inelle Westcrawford, Kittsmarie Kitts and an older sister, Lebert Monchrief, Arthur Paul Russell, Wyane Mortice. This is some but not all, I think we had about 15 kids in summer of 1946. We sure had some good times throwing the green persimmons during the SUMMER school, and smoking in the out house!!


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