Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Planning for our 60th SHS Class Reunion / Gathering

Hello once again from Mary Kay,
Here is a picture of some of us when we first got together to talk about our September 20, 2016 Reunion / Gathering.  Do you recognize these people?   Larry and Ruth and Mary Kay took several pictures.  We were outside on Mary Kay and Larry's patio. 
I am still practicing posting and placing pictures on this blog....  learning more and more each time... Thank you for your patience!!!   mkay james

 EEEkkkkk.... these pictures are too large...  L to Right seated... Pat Merritt Barger,  1956... Ruby  Brandon Smith, 1957,,,  Mary Kay Van Patten James, 1956 & Robin Moore, 1956    Standing is Bill Barger, 1955... Verna Faye Cox Payne, 1957... Larry James, 1955
 We met on Larry and Mary Kay's patio .... in June when the weather was nice.....
 Robin's wife, Ruth is seated on the right....she took some of the pictures...


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