Thursday, July 14, 2005


(Originally run 1/14/04 on our old site)

Dan E. Randle’s photographs certainly brought in the responses, especially toward identifying people whom we once knew very, very well.

Elois Bleidt Pelton

Wow!! I am so impressed over Anita's ability to remember names and place them with faces... Keep up the great work....Dan's pictures really brought back wonderful memories of the past.

Becca Van Patten Smith

Mira is right in front of Mary Kay and Martha (not Nancy) Davis is in front of Mira. All cousins. Ann Shannon, on the other side, also a cousin.

Aren't we soooooo talented.

Harold Gene Sullivan

I think I can help on a couple of the people in the Recital Group picture. The girl in the middle row to the right of Judy Musick is Patty Gentry. The girl in the middle of the front row to the right of Billy Fuller is Sandra Cranford, my wife's (Carolyn Cranford's) little sister from McRae.

Anita, you did great, I don't know how you remember all those names, like Anna Lee and Lee Ann Conyers. They were our pastor's kids at the Methodist Church.

That brings up an example of how much times have changed. Carolyn and Sandra Cranford lived in McRae. They got out of school for Friday afternoon, went down to the local service station, and caught the Greyhound Bus to Searcy. My wife, Carolyn, remembers that they would bring money and walk to the Black Cat Cafe for a hamburger lunch, and then walk on to Mrs. Ward's for music lessons. After music lessons, they would walk back to the bus station and catch the next bus back to McRae. Who would let their little girls do that today?

So, the consensus thus far is (scroll down for the picture):

(Back Row): Anna Lee Conyers, Dorothy Anderson, Mary K. Van Patten, Mrs. Ward, Carolyn Cranford, Dan Randle, Bob Fuller, Billy Anderson, Ann Shannon.
(Middle Row): Judy Musick, Mira Ann Van Patten, Julia Melton, Laura Beth Thompson, (?).
Front Row): Martha Davis, Anna Morgan Jones, Billy Fuller, Sandra Cranford, Ann Rodgers, Lee Ann Conyers, Betty Stevens (daughter of our then-principal, Omar Stevens).

I gave the nod to Mira Ann instead of Patty Gentry on the grounds that Becca should know her own cousin; (on the other hand, I’ve got cousins who prefer not to let anyone know we’re related, so that one’s admittedly a judgment call).

This leaves only the sweet girl on the right side of the middle row, right in front of Billy Anderson, without a name (or, in Mira’s case, TWO names). Anyone?

And on the subject of the Conyers girls: with names like Anna Lee and Lee Ann, would I be too far afield making a wild guess that their parents’ names were Lee and Ann?

Just asking. After all, inquiring minds …. -tlp-


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