Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Ernie Simpson

Dear friends:

Well, the appointment didn't go well on Tuesday...seems I developed a little UT infection last week, and they wouldn't give me chemo till I have clearedit up. Next appointment on the 22nd.

Of course, another week without chemo is a good week. Although the stuff clears out of your system right away, the side affects still hang on. You learn to be real creative in dealing with the side effects. Your cornbread tastes like dry concrete, and your mashed potatoes taste like wet concrete (no fault of the cook, I assure you) ... can't stand the smell of onions or garlic, and when you can't stand the smell of your shower soap, here's what you do: take a cotton ball, tear it in two, stuff half of the cotton ball up each nostril and go ahead and take your shower. Well, you have to do what you can, know what I mean?

I have not attended many of my pistol matches lately; used to, I would run, bang, bang. Now it's shuffle, shuffle, bang. So we'll wait till stamina gets back.

And, too, I may need a lift chair to get in and out of my Corvette. I never thought I'd see the day when it was too low!

But, I feel really good today, in fact I think I'll go shave my head. Can't let that hair get too tall you know. Let me hear from you....

My best,


Tom Pry

Ernie: cornbread is NOT supposed to taste like dry concrete?? Gotta talk to the old lady about the mix she’s using ……

As for getting in and out of low cars, we have an Oldsmobile Alero – and you should hear the noises we make getting out of it. If we can ever afford a new vehicle, it’s a KIA Sportage for us: better to climb up hand-over-hand than to have to crawl out … and then stand up when exiting. At least with the KIA we could just fall out of the front seat.

Glad to see your spirit is still intact, old friend.


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