Sunday, August 14, 2005


Eddie Best

Hi, Anita & Bob -

I got a nice note from Leah Dewberry Moss about the 1950 band picture in the newsletter this month. Remember her? She said 1950 was her year at Searcy High School. She's a widow now, living in Paris, Texas.

But that's not the reason I am writing today:

I got a phone call from a woman in Corpus Christi whose father was in service with a man from Searcy that he and all others always referred to as "RODNEY" ... and she thinks that was probably his last name because folks in service don't normally call one another by their first name. She guesses he would have graduated from Searcy HS "1950ish". Does that name ring a bell with either of you? The last name could have been Radney or Roddni or something else that sounds like RODNEY. If that sounds familiar, I'd appreciate your help.

I am sending this to the Channel 6 tv tycoon, too, in case he remembers somebody like that.

Murl Beck


Thanks for the pictures of Highway 36. I'm glad to hear the project is finally over. I haven't been to Searcy in about a year and the highway was a mess then, orange barrels everywhere. I know that the people who have to travel it every day are excited that it's finished. I grew up on the farm on the north side of the highway just about where the four lanes now end. The pictures bring back great memories. Keep up the good work with the website.

Tom Pry

The four-lane ends just past that last rise on the 36 west-looking pictures.

According to the story in the Citizen, the four-laning project didn’t begin until February of this year. Somehow, I don’t think that’s right; seems like it was a heckuva lot longer than that, but it IS done now, thank goodness.

Have heard nothing from Bob and Anita lately, and I’m starting to get worried about them. Can anyone shed some light?

As for Eddie’s reference to the “Channel 6 TV tycoon,” I’ve been doing a little work with Searcy’s newest media outlet: My Town TV, TV6, “The Way Community Television Ought To Be.” Got to host the official ribbon cutting on the tube and then, the other day, in a strange throwback to the old days in radio, it was hosting live audio coverage coming from the Little League All-Star game in Alabama, and inserting LIVE, ad-libbed local commercials … with precious little time to get ready for it all.

But, it’s like riding a bicycle ……

As always, the kind words are VERY appreciated.


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