Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Anita Hart Fuller

With Halloween coming up, would anyone like to comment on stuff we did on Halloween night? In Searcy, when we were young? I'd like to hear from the guys; us bunch of girls were pretty wimpy as I recall. In fact, I really don't remember doing anything destructive - maybe soaped a few downtown business windows, but I really don't actually remember doing even that.

Did we go to the Halloween Carnival in late high school?

I do remember one event: a group of us girls had been out, but had gone back to my house on Arch Street for something. Marilyn Pate was one of the gang. A group came to our door, trick or treating, she answered the door and in a very reverent voice said, "There's been a death in the family"...... they very quietly backed away and sort of tiptoed off the porch and went on their way.

I remember the older boys, like Jody Taylor and his group, would put an outhouse on the courthouse lawn and a favorite trick was to put porch swings high off the porch - know what I mean? Lots of folks had porch swings in those days.

I do remember going to the Rialto to the "midnight" show that started about 11:00 p.m. It was usually a Dracula or The Mummy, wasn't it? I remember going several times with Billy Davis, but that would have been real early on, 6th or 7th grade?

Tom Pry

You know, it’s strange, but I do not remember a single Halloween during high school? Of course, living out in the country made a considerable difference to the hoopla, but this is one subject to which I can’t contribute anything except a photo I took at my favoritest all-time Halloween.

It’s going to be up to the rest of you on this one, folk!


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