Friday, November 04, 2005


(Run originally 4/29/04 on our old site)

Ann Shannon Snodgrass

My husband and I have just returned from a month-long road trip to points south. It’s true that there’s no place like home but, for years, I’ve debated with myself as to where, exactly, home is. We’ve moved frequently and called many places our home over the years, but we’ve tried to make the return trip “home” (to Arkansas) every year since our sons have been grown and independent. Prior to that time, every two years was the most we could manage.

This recent road trip was our first non-flying trip in quite a few years. It was exhausting, but it was definitely wonderful. We had two days here, two days there, and many stops along the way. Our major goal in traveling by car was to visit those folks not seen in many years, and we were successful in that. The list of those not seen, however, was even longer.

While in Arkansas, I observed that: Clouds this time of year are definitely threatening; seeing my friends and loved ones’ aging faces was more comforting than sad; distances are much shorter, food tastes better, and people are kinder and more patient than I remembered; and one observance that I already knew — it took twice as much energy to accomplish anything.

Home is in Arkansas. But home is also in Idaho, where I am now, surrounded by loving family and good friends. Whichever place my heart yearns for -- that must be home.

Tom Pry

I’d always heard that “home” was where, when you showed up, they HAD to let you in – which’ll give you some idea of how socially acceptable I am normally.

Ann, thank you for this little piece. It typifies the kind of thing that has its own home right here on this site, and I hope it’ll serve as a good example to the rest of you out there: what have YOU been doing and thinking? Share those thoughts and adventures with all of us: it might illuminate something in our own past/present/future.

Just pull up a keyboard, sit, and visit a spell. For all of you, this is a home – and we’ll take you in, with great good cheer and appreciation for the visit.


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