Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Tom Pry

Editor Emeritus

As I started into Berryhill Park late yesterday morning, coffee cup and book in hand, to kill an hour while Mom had her daily lunch at the Lightle Senior Center, a neatly-bearded gentleman on the walking/jogging path was on his way by. We smiled at each other, and then he said, “Tom?”

“Uh, yeah …” I said, just a bit bumfuzzled.

He countered with, “I thought I recognized you from your picture.” Stuck out his hand. “Jim Bohannon.”

Understand that I’ve had a lot of e-mails to-and-from Jim over the past couple of years. Yet, in the strange way of today’s cyberspace wanderings, we hadn’t seen each other face to face since I graduated SHS back in 1956 (he was in the Class of ’57).

We had a brief reunion there under the trees. Jim told me he and his wife try to get in a mile-and-a-half of heavy duty walking every day, hence his being on the path.

I’m sure we’ll encounter each other again.

But it was a nice thing to happen on a Monday.


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