Saturday, November 25, 2006


Tom Pry

Editor Emeritus

Having Thanksgiving Dinner with my wife, Karen, and my just-turned-86 Mom yesterday, I was pleased to run into Mary Kathryn Van Patten James and her husband, Larry. As a bonus, got to meet Mary Kay’s sis, Becca, in an atmosphere only slightly less hectic than the recent Homecoming Lions’ game …. and the TRUE treat was finally meeting, face to face, Irvin Van Patten.

Although I’ve spoken to Irvin several times on the phone, and he and his partner in crime, Billy Benz, have taken over this blog, Irvin lives in a suburb of Houston, TX, so this marked the first time we’d ever really met.

Nice people, all.

The Bad News in this was MK telling me of an e-mail she got from Elizabeth Capps Vaughn, which we herewith pass on to you.

Elizabeth Capps Vaughn

Ronald Coward called me this morning to tell me that Joe Coward died late last night, Nov. 21. He had been diagnosed with COPD for a few years and more recently was being checked for Lou Gehrig's disease. He had moved back to New Orleans after Katrina and his ashes will be buried somewhere in that vicinity. He did not want any kind of funeral or service.

Although separated for years, he was still married to Carol Ann (Robertson) from Little Rock. He is survived by a son, Steve, an atty in Lake Charles, and a daughter, Kelli.


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