Thursday, January 25, 2007


One of our team members, Irvin Van Patten, sends out monthly birthday reminders, etc., to everyone he can find. Of late, to this monthly mailing, he’s appended the following, which is worth your consideration:

Please consider the following: If you have a story, a remember-when incident, the Searcy YesterYear Blog would be interested reading about it. Naturally, we are attempting to record some of our classmates’ history before Dementia or Alzheimer kicks in and you don't remember where the bathroom is located. Contact information for Searcyyesteryear is located below my signature block. I said it this way in case you are beginning to notice some symptoms.


Irvin Van Patten
Searcy High Class 1963

Check it out - Searcy High School's YesterYear Blog! It's a diary of Experiences, Photos, Stories & Remember when’s told by you, Searcy Classmates. Have you ever wanted to tell your story? Now is your opportunity. Visit the Blog: click on: This blog is a website that records the memories and histories of Searcy High School classmates. Stories told by classmates who lived them. Your stories are part of our lives too. If you have a story please submit it, with or without a photo you can share your experiences. Email link is: If you have questions please feel free to send me a note.

Remember, stories and memories are important! Why not ask if anyone remembers when, before all these memories are lost forever. You may be surprised how many people would be interested, and you may even meet an old friend.

Searcy High March On!



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