Tuesday, January 02, 2007


For those who weren't around for it yesterday at 9 a.m., White County held the Oath of Office swearing-in ceremony for its various elected officials.

The ceremony started with a surprise. State Supreme Court Chief Justice James Hannah was there to administer the oath of Pangburn's Annabelle Clinton Imber, the first female to be elected to the state's high court.

(Judge Hannah noted that she was related "to the Van Pattens." Annabelle left before I could find out if, like half of White County, that's the Mary Kathryn Van Patten James side of the family or not).

And here's the new County Judge, Michael Lincoln, with his wife, Shelley:

Shelley later got up with their six children (four girls and two boys) and surprised the living daylights out of the audience by unleashing what I've labeled the "Lincoln Family Singers," impressive multi-part harmony and strong voices that were right on pitch.


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