Thursday, November 30, 2006


Tom Pry

Editor Emeritus

In Tuesday’s runoff elections, Mayor Belinda LaForce (who’s been involved in city government since she was 19 years old), won re-election … by a whole 17 votes.

The new County Judge is a nice guy named Michael Lincoln, who will now resign his position as Director of Camp Wyldewood. A Harding grad, he and his wife, Shelley, have a passle of kids, and are grandparents, to boot.

Weather is, on the Wednesday night I’m writing this, 63 degrees, with a little rain. Thunderstorms by morning. Snow by Thursday night or Friday. Stay tuned.

The annual Holiday of Lights is going on in Searcy. They held the 12-category Pageant a week-and-a-half ago. It’s a sign of the times that the top three (age groups) queens are NOT from Searcy. From left to right, they come from Bald Knob, Bradford, and Beebe.

On the other hand, the six-month-king IS from Searcy.

The daytime festival goes on this Saturday, with the parade at 6 p.m.

And the Courthouse has been lit.

More news as it strikes my fancy.


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