Friday, January 26, 2007


This, from today’s Searcy Daily Citizen and Editor (Dr.) Warren Watkins:

Jackson leaves UCA

CONWAY — Tommy Jackson, former editor of The Daily Citizen, has stepped down as the vice president of communications at the University of Central Arkansas amid controversy.

According to an article published Wednesday in the Echo, the UCA student newspaper, Jackson resigned after being dismissed from his teaching position with the department of mass communication and theater in December.

Jackson, whose resignation will be effective in June 2007, was accused of plagiarism in his weekly column he wrote for the Log Cabin Democrat.

Jackson told the Echo he had quoted historical facts and biographical information obtained from the Internet for use in the column, which Jackson wrote for free.

In a December interview with the Echo,
Jackson said he planned to sue UCA.

The full article may be found for a limited time at .



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