Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Hi guys!

I was just looking thru the Searcy memories site you have on the web, and I guess I had not looked at everything in there but, I did run across your pics of you when we were mere children and lo and behold those pictures of you both were as I remember you. We left Searcy such a long time ago, but it is fun to go back and remember a vital part of our youth. I once again thank you all for doing that.

I still miss ole Ernie. It is strange not to hear from him once in a while. I also notice pics of Sue Haney and I did not remember she was married to Larry Maness. I also saw pics of Rita Jo Dunn. As a kid I thought she was about the best looking thing I ever saw. I wonder whatever happened to her. I remember she married some coach that was older or something like that. I think they might have lived around here for a while. (Last I heard, she was living someplace like Minnesota. She has repeatedly stated that she has no intent of ever setting foot in this state ever again. Her upbringing here was not happy, especially not with every clown in the world – including once from me, I say to my shane – hitting on her. –tlp-)

I also saw a pic with Linda Palmer in with some others. She does live here and I see her every now and then. She is still pretty but has had a lot of health problems. I am going to try to attach a pic of her and others at her sister’s daughter’s wedding. It was held at Gilliam Farms over by Judsonia. My group played their wedding reception.

Hope this finds you both OK. I know Tom has been going thru some tough times, but he is tough. Stay in touch. as I enjoy hearing from you. Tom, I still hope to get your way soon. It seems as though every time I plan on driving down. something comes up here.

Gene Barnett

P.S. That is Linda Palmer looking at my sorry camera.


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