Sunday, July 24, 2005


(Originally run on 1/18/04 on our old site)

Bobby Scott Fuller

I may have an ID for a girl in the "Recital Group". It's the girl directly in front of Billy Anderson (very right-hand girl in the middle row). My brother, Bill, suggested that it might be Sandy Laas. Looking at her with that in mind, I think he's right. Bill Laas and his family lived just across the street from us, so we saw his kids often. When Bill was writing his band arrangements, he would come bounding out his front door, rush across the street and ask me to play something he had written. That image is still very strong in my mind. He never walked from his house to mine, he trotted. I have always felt honored that he asked me to play his arrangements for him.

Anyway, Sandy is a possibility.

Anita Hart Fuller

Bob's brother, Bill, hopes to be writing you today or soon. He thinks the final person unidentified in the recital picture is Sandy Laas. I'm not sure but that he is right. What do you think? You should remember the "older" Sandy better than I can. And remember, Bob and Bill lived across the street from Mr. Laas. Wait a minute, I guess they left right after we graduated, so you really wouldn't know the old Sandy after all. Forget I said that.

Tom Pry

My first year in the band was Bill Laas’ last year as its Director (’53-’54). Sandy I remember as an urchin in a twirler’s outfit. Some of you who were more her contemporaries (Billy, where are you?) might do a better I.D. job.

Ernie Simpson

This is so great! I bet these ladies and guys haven't changed a bit over the years! This note for Becky Van Patten: please tell 'cousin' Ann Shannon hello for me. She was a dear friend, and I'd love to hear from her!

Ann Shannon Snodgrass

In respect to identifying folks in the photo, Becca's (Van Patten Smith) my cousin, and Mira Van Patten is her cousin, but not mine, and Martha Davis is a cousin to both Becca and me. Don't you enjoy Southern explanations?

Editor’s Note: I think I just got a headache. I’m taking two cousins … ASPIRIN .. and going to bed. Actually, I dated two of the cousins – not knowing they were cousins; nor that they were violinists, either. See, I was braindead in my teens, too. -tlp-


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