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(Originally run 1/21/04 on our old site)

EDITOR’S NOTE: When you’re doing Summer Re-runs and/or “The Best of”s, they are not necessarily in the right order. Just read them and shut up. So, I CAN’T read a date. –tlp-

J. William Fuller

Hi's Billy Fuller. Thank you so much to you and to Ernie for the great site. Bob and Anita originally sent it to me and I've been tuning in ever since. Love reading it. How do I get into it as a registered user? Or do you have to do that?? I remember that as the "little guys" that were around then, we all thought you, and Ernie and Frank Thompson and Larry Maness were the heroes! We wanted to be like you and patterned our lives after you somewhat. Some of us, me included, went into the band in the seventh grade under Al English. What a great time. I also remember that Aunt Ruth had a lot of respect for you and the others, and that only served to reinforce my thinking that you were the greatest.

I sent the website address, with particular emphasis on the picture, "Recital Group", on to Marcia Bagarella, Carolyn Latimer, Anne Rodgers, Anna Jones, Junior Jeffrey, Joe Woodson, and Sherry Quattlebaum. Wouldn't be surprised if you didn't start hearing from some of them soon.

Let me know how to get in as a registered user. I do have some comments on the radio shows...and particularly on Mrs. Sullivan....she was my second grade teacher, too. I remember her fondly. Also, Sam Sullivan was my Sunday School teacher for many years. Keep up the good work.....for all of us!

Tom Pry

Garsh! (Blush), said he at the compliments. I’m not sure we deserve them, but we’ll take ‘em, with gratitude. (And I always thought Ruth Fuller thought of me as a walking hemorrhoid …)

Although we never spoke of it, I’m sure that all of us were aware that inquisitive little eyes were upon us. Besides making us strut a little bit, I suspect it also kept us from acting up when it would’ve tarnished our image. Equally, I suspect there are those who thought you and your chums were worth emulating when you reached 11th and 12th grade.

That aside, the closest thing we have to “Registered Users” is a large group on our notification list, getting a brief note when a new episode of this epistle is posted. You’ve been added. (“And, as a SPECIAL bonus, you’re also added to the notifications for my personal Rant & Ruin site. Remember, it comes with a money-back guarantee; if dissatisfied for any reason, simply return the unused portion of the product, and we’ll return the unused portion of your money …”). (7/23/05: I don’t send out these notifications anymore, since changing blog sites. Is this a mistake? Do you WANT notifications when I add an episode? Speak to me, folks).

Good time to repeat this: I worry a great deal about your e-mail privacy. For that reason, the notifications go out as bcc’s, so that the only name that shows up is YOURS. Secondly, I do not post your e-mail address with your submissions, but I’m more than happy to forward on to someone YOUR note and/or e-mail address, if asked.

I’m looking forward to getting some of your stuff.

Ernie Simpson

You bet I remember Mrs. Sullivan, it must have been for me about 1946. After the culture shock of finding out what the world of 'school' was about with Mrs. Wilson, the second grade with Mrs. Sullivan was a smooth and wonderful transition into the next 10-11 years. I remember Harold Gene Sullivan, too! Played baritone with Marvin Sowell! Both were pretty good, as I recall!

Anita Hart Fuller

2 memories of Mrs. Sullivan, who was MY second grade teacher, too. I loved her, as Don did and many others, I'm sure.

On one of my papers I turned in, I wrote at the bottom: "I love you" and, when I got the paper back, she had written underneath, "ditto". I thought getting the word ditto was just about the coolest thing....I'd go around saying "ditto" to myself for a long time after that.

2nd memory may have lost something in the translation but here goes: Bob and I were Methodists, as was Mrs. Sullivan and family. While still in high school, we went on a picnic that lasted until after dark. As we were trying to gather everyone together to leave, Mrs. Sullivan was caught in the dark, standing on some rocks, trying to cross the stream and shouting to anyone who would hear, "Standing in the Need of Light," which was a paraphrase of the hymn, "Standing in the Need of Prayer." To this day whenever I need a light turned on, I say "Standing in the Need of Light,” and always think of Mrs. Sullivan.

Now what I also find very interesting is that I am now 67 yr. old and have had a lot of experiences - as we all have - and yet, those two memories, along with quite a few more of the good old days, are still in my head.

But don't ask me what I had for breakfast this morning

From Ann Whetsell, forwarded by Jo Ann Roth Cooper

Thanks so much for sending this. I've had so much fun reading all these messages and seeing that picture. I tried to email back but I don't think it went thru. I wanted to tell "them" that Lee Ann Conyers is on the top left and Anna Lee, her little sister who was my age, is on the bottom right. They lived in the Methodist parsonage which was on Race Street, one block from my house. Anna Lee and I were inseparable as long as they lived in Searcy.

No, Ann, it didn’t get through. This should answer Anita’s concerns about which Conyers is who .. unless, of course, you’re referring to Conyers, Georgia. -tlp-

Bobby Scott Fuller

I have a photo of an Eighth Grade Class at SHS. It was Gene Sullivan's class. I can identify several people in it, but most of them I can't. It certainly goes to the heart of what we have, so far, on the searcyyesteryear journal. Use it if you want. I don't know how to put it into a small document without losing quality.

Tom Pry

I’ll worry about the sizing, you just send the goodies.

Okay, contestants, four rows of “Oh, God, what was his/her name???”

Be nice to have the year this was taken, too.


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