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Don and Paula Windsor Thompson

The 8th grade pic is section 1 of 3, and came from Paula's 1949 Cavalier (SHS’ annual name then). Mrs. Hicks was the sponsor. The class roll is interesting in that Harold Gene Sullivan isn't on the list. Were you in the wrong group, Harold? He is second from right on top row. The circled girl is Vesta Baker.

Paula won't spoil the fun for others by naming the rest. At least, you have a name list for a guide.

What we remember as the grammar school was Searcy High School in 1923.

This pic is from the 1923 SHS annual, called The Aroma. The book belongs to Anita's mom and is on loan to me at the present. It was named after a variety of strawberries grown in White County. How about that cover?

Another lady many of us can say many nice things about is Miss Key. She was on the SHS faculty in 1923.

A senior at the time was Sybil Thornton, sister of our senior English teacher, Lois Thornton. Miss Sybil married a Moody, taught us World History and, probably, other subjects.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I never took any classes under Ms. Key. In fact, by the time the Class of ’56 came along, she’d had something like 30 years teaching little monsters like us. Time took its toll and, by the early 50s, (as I remember) she was running the school library and teaching Latin.

Talk about inconsequential things sticking in your mind, I ran across a very battered Latin textbook from one of her classes and, inscribed inside the front cover, was this verse:

Latin is a dead language,
As dead as it can be.
It killed the ancient Romans ..
And now it’s killing me.



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