Saturday, July 16, 2005


#1 Check this link for a pretty good picture of Susie Hoffman Boyette and the story of her ghost-laden computers.

#2 We note with sadness this entry in the Obituaries: “Mrs. Voree Evans Killough of Searcy passed away on the morning of July 14, 2005, at her home on Meadow Lane. Her son, Dr. Larry R. Killough, was at her side. She would have been 95 years old in December.”


Anonymous Harold Cook said...

Ann Shannon,

Please e-mail me at I am Harold Cook, I met you in the 7th grade. I had previously written you a dear note but then I couldn't get the blog to accept my message. Right now I am exhausted and frustrated and doubt I could write the note again. But I'll try again if you recognize me.

I was impressed with your writing about the Moody/Thornton controversy.

Please e-mail me. I live in the Dallas area and have for many years.

6:57 PM  

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