Sunday, June 24, 2007



Hey, Geno! I had a really neat thought and something up my alley. Why don't we have a class reunion sometime on a cruise? We could put a cruise package together that would be geared to our classmates. You could be the leader and, if we got enough people, you could go free. What do you think? Nancy


Great idea. I will pass this on for comment to the folks I have an email address for. Everyone pass this on and see if we can stir up some interest, OK? Thanks.


Saturday, June 23, 2007



Anita Hart Fuller

There is a 1947 SHS annual currently for auction on eBay -- "just" $99.99.

Who is "Geno"?

I think I’ll pass on that annual. “Geno” is Gene Barnett. You couldn’t afford him, either. –tlp-

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hi Tom, I found this photo of the Mayfair Hotel (in better days) on eBay.

I also bought a 60 Searcy yearbook and I am looking for a class of 59, if you know someone that might have one for sale. Thanks


If you can help Gene out, contact me and I’ll put the two of you together. In the meantime, you will notice that I’m out of the hospital (as of about 2 hours ago), with pacemaker successfully installed. My thanks to all of you who expressed concern. –t-

Wednesday, June 20, 2007



After just being in Biloxi, MS along the Gulf Coast, I am reminded of a trip there when I was 17, in 1952. Hurricane Katrina left the Biloxi coast looking much as it was back then: bare stretches of beach and no eating places. But it was such a great place at that time.

My Mom and Dad decided it was time to take a trip in our 1947 Studebaker during the summer after my junior year at Searcy Hi. There was a reason to visit that area other than the obvious seashore vacation. My boyfriend at the time, Harrel Sullivan (not to be confused with my classmate, Harold Sullivan), had joined the Air Force after graduation that year. He had just finished basic training at Keesler A.F.B. on the Mississippi Gulf Coast near Biloxi.

The route took us south toward Texarkana, then to Bunkie, Lousiana, for the night's stop.

We stopped at a small motel and my strongest memory was the bathtub. It was the color of rust. We were told the iron-rich water was the reason. The place was the luck of the draw since, in those days, folks didn't have the advantage of checking motels in a handy directory and calling ahead. We ate home-prepared vittles in the room, as was the custom for auto travelers. One never knew when or where an eating place might be found, or a rest area..

We did find a cafe for breakfast, and I remember a sign above the counter that read light roast or dark roast. For some reason, I thought they were talking about meat. I learned later that the signs referred to coffee. Duh! Even then, folks in Louisiana had Chicory in their coffee. Anyway, we all had to have some coffee to clear the cobwebs from our brain. No in-room coffee service in those days.

The previous day’s trip had been long, and we could smell the salt air already. Our motel in Biloxi was right on the beach, and one would just step out the door and onto the beach. Dad, Mom, and I were good swimmers, so we took advantage of the warm Gulf waters as much as possible. Here's a picture of Daddy and me after a swim.

There was really nothing distinctive about that part of the Gulf beach . No amusement park, few eating places, a few birds, and even fewer people. The day's routine was pretty much the same. Hit the beach, swim, find a shady place, take a nap, eat, swim, etc.

Ah, life was simple in those days.

My folks made many trips to the Gulf over the following years. They really enjoyed the warm water and beach. Many times they would travel without stopping at motels. They would just pull off to the side of the road and sleep in the car or in a picnic area using picnic tables for a bed. No worrying about someone doing them harm.

Things have changed considerably in 2007, but I know they would still love to visit a nice sandy beach, have a swim, some food, and a nap!! Who wouldn't like that?


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


(Another member of the Class of ’56 gone: from today’s edition of the Searcy Daily Citizen):

Shirley Jeanette Cofer Holleman

Funeral services for Shirley Jeanette Cofer Holleman, age 68, of Searcy, Ark.
who passed away on Wednesday, June 13, 2007, was held 2 p.m. Saturday, June 16, 2007 at Searcy-McEuen Funeral Home Chapel with Bro. Jim Bradberry officiating. Pianist Sandra Joyner Johnson provided prelude music consisting of Mrs. Holloman’s favorite hymns, such as “Amazing Grace”, “Standing on the Promises”, “The Old Rugged Cross”, “Oh How I Love Jesus” and “Blessed Assurance”. Special music was “Go Rest High on That Mountain,” a Vince Gill recording, “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow,” sung by Cheryl Selvidge, and “It Is Well with My Soul,” sung by Lisa Roberson. Postlude music was “When We All Get to Heaven” by pianist Sandra Joyner Johnson. Serving as Pallbearers were Jason Bell, Ronnie Selvidge, Rick Anderson, David Selvidge, Jim Anderson and Larry Clark. Honorary Pallbearers were Bryan Holleman and Greg Holleman. Interment was at Gum Springs Cemetery under the direction of Searcy-McEuen Funeral Home.

Monday, June 18, 2007


As noted here before by your Editor, the Prince of Rudeness (I take lessons from Simon Cowell), in high school, Clifton Carson was at the top of my list of genial, laidback, nice-to-know individuals who’d never produce a creative thought off the football field.

Boy! Was I wrong!

Clifton sends us the following note:

Thought I would let you know my latest Article " We Must Return to our Constitution" was first for last week with 25,956 page views and the other former first of mine has now had over 64,000 page views. So far every article I have written has finished in the top ten for the week it was published.

Also noticed that if you Google "Cliff Carson" you will find me on several entries.

When I asked Cliff where he hid this stuff, he replied:

Just go to then click populist party

In the upper left select daily commentaries

Good going, Cliff! How about writing some memories for this site?


Monday, June 11, 2007


From Don Thompson:

Regarding the latest journal article, there's a 1962 Searcy HS yearbook on eBay now.

We're just back from a week in N'Awlins. Great time!

My favorite place is the Audubon Zoo. Here's one of my favorite pics. I plan to print and frame it.

We also went to Biloxi, MS. I'm trying to convince Paula Anne to write a story about her trip there in 1952 when she was 15. There's also a pic of her in swimming attire. Got your attention, eh?


Don and Paula Anne

Pic of 15-year-old PA in bathing suit not enclosed; please rush. –tlp-

Thursday, June 07, 2007



YEA ! Larry Nokes has planned an event for our classmates and others.





901 East Beebe-Capps Expwy


Light Buffet

June 30th at 6:00 p.m.

Dress Casual

Ann must have a head-count for the food so,

please reply ASAP

No later than June 25th.

This is going to be a time of fun, visiting and just relaxing with our class and any others that would like to join us. There will be no music and no expense except for your dinner.

We are only mailing a few notices to those who do not have e-mail. Invite anyone from other classes that you want to; just let us know.

Call or email: area code 501-

Larry Nokes----------305-4774

Sherry Person-------268-2798

Ramona Riddle------278-6886


Monday, June 04, 2007


Sure enough, Bohannon came through.

Here’s a group photo taken by 56’s Robin Moore, using JimBo’s camera (that’s Jimbo, sitting on the deck on the left).

Jim identified his models, too:

First Row (left to right) Jim Bohannon, Ruby Brandon Smith, Mrs. Harvey Robbins, (teacher), Mrs. Ruby Williams (Teacher), Mary Brandon Herecamp, Marie Nelson Lewis, Dorothy Anderson Maple

Second Row (left to right) Jane Martindill Shands, Ruth Smith Moore, Nancy Miller Walsh, James Rascoe, Shirley Carter Stephens, Donna Reed Crenshaw, Anettia Gay Gentry, Nina Aunspaugh Pitts, Kay Young Wright, Jo Ann Roth Cooper, Velta Latimer Youker, Marlene Evans Ferren, Clara Garrison Rowe

Third Row (left to right) Billy Roy Floyd, Cliff Wiggs, Coy Benton , J.D. Stake, Larry Miles, Darr Redman, Joan Coffey Sutton, Carol Hill Richardson, Verna Cox Payne, Camelia Chambless Reed, Mary Alice Moore Swafford

Fourth Row (left to right) Rodger Duncan, Marvin Allen, Homer Wilson, Frank Thompson, Dallas Bunker, Jerry Moore, Carl Cook, Morris Brookhart, Sam Baker, Wayne Rose, Charles Hunter

As a special treat, Jim sent along a photo he took of my wife, Karen, and I. We have very few of these, so we REALLY appreciate this one. (Karen and I are coming up on our 21st Anniversary … and our oldest granddaughter graduates from high school this week).

Bohannon and Reba are going to be out of town for the next couple of weeks, but he promises more when he returns.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Well, the Class of ’57 finally held its 50 Year Class Reunion,, and it was quite an affair. Good turnout, too, especially considering that 19 people (including this site's co-founder Ernie Simpson) were shown as deceased.

We planted ourselves back in a corner table and let the party come to us (trying to carry an oxygen tank, take pictures AND notes is a skill beyond me).

Hidden away like that, I didn’t get too many pictures at the 4-6 p.m. Visitation, and none at all of the Reunion program itself but, hopefully, some photos will be sent to us – especially by Jim Bohannon; ole Jimbo had a camera he could take to New York and make a living with.

But, we got some photos with, as we said, hopefully more to come.

Saturday afternoon, June 2nd, we were glad to see:

ANITA GAY GENTRY, visiting in from her home in North Carolina. Anita and I had a very interesting relationship: the summer of 1955, we were on the phone about every day for extended periods of time (phones, an 8-party line, were new in our neighborhood). Besides being a great conversationalist, she also had a good view of Highway 36, and could give me a 10-minute warning when she saw one of my parents heading home. We never dated with each other.

COY BENTON (left) and friends. Coy lives now in Ft. Smith.

JIM BOHANNON Frequently referred to herein as “The Confederate Yankee.” Jimbo is a Civil War reenactor – usually as a Union officer, hence the nickname I hung on him. Jim put together the souvenir book for the Reunion … and it’s the best I’ve ever seen anywhere. It was obviously a case of emotional caring and technical pride It will be a keepsake for the rest of the class’ time on this earth.


to let me know that I was the ONLY boy who ever stood her up in high school. I was quick to let her know she was the only gal I ever stood up. As it happened, I got lost around Center Hill and never could find her house. She took it good-naturedly, though … but also took a lengthy period catching up on a 53-year slight.

KAREN PRY & MARY KAY JAMES I should have titled this one “Alpha and Omega.” Mary Kay (full name, Mary Kathryn Van Patten James) was the first SHS girl whom I ever escorted to an event. Karen and I are coming up on our 21st Anniversary.

ROBIN MOORE President of the Class of ’56, Robin was at Eagleview because his wife, Ruth Smith Moore, was a member of the Class of ’57.

GENEVA and NETTIE JO – the Seanard sisters.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Class of 1957,

Searcy High School.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


I must be honest and say that, back in The Day, Clifton Carson would NOT have been at the top of my list of potential published writers. I would’ve been wrong.

Following are a few notes from Clifton about his latest exposition. Check him out.

My latest article is running #1. "Revealed: Why You Sons and Daughters died in Iraq."

Just go to , then click populist party in the upper left. Select daily commentaries, scroll down to "Revealed: Why your sons and daughters died in Iraq.” On that listing, I also wrote “Should Bush be allowed to choose which laws he will obey?”

At the end of the article will be a statement showing what articles have been published by me. They have Select and read

My home page is Netscape and now that the article is more than 24 hours old, it has been moved back to page 13, I believe.

I got more positive votes than anyone else posting on Netscape has in May I believe; at least I know I'm in the top ten.

I have now had three Articles published and am getting back on my book writing. I do believe that if I wasn't so busy consulting I could really write some stuff. But then again the consulting pays good money and the writing is, well you know what I mean. So far, I haven't received any negative reaction to my articles, they have all been positive.

I turn 69 in June and I have promised myself I'm not keeping this working up past Jan 1, 2008. Sound like a New Years resolution? Hopefully it will be better observed than the majority of resolutions.